Nissan Diagnostic Service Lee’s Summit MO

You have probably been there. You’re driving home from work or from a social gathering, and all of a sudden your check engine light appears. You frown, because everything seems to be going well with your vehicle. You don’t hear any weird sounds. You don’t feel anything different as you press the accelerator and grip the steering wheel. And yet, that check engine light won’t go away. What is going on? This is a good time to take your car into a professional to have the problem diagnosed.  Where can you get quality Nissan Diagnostic service in Lee’s Summit MO? Drive on down to Nissan of Lee’s Summit!

When your car is being fussy, you may not always be able to see the reason for it. The check engine light itself could represent a number of different problems. It is possible that not all cylinders are firing. Maybe a belt is a little loose. Perhaps something is leaking. Whatever the problem, our trained Nissan technicians at Nissan of Lee’s Summit are able to hook your vehicle up and run a diagnostic check to see what is happening. This way we can figure out just what is wrong with your vehicle and get that issue handled appropriately.

Department Hours

1025 SE Oldham Pkwy, Lee's Summit, MO 64081

Does Nissan of Lee’s Summit offer OEM parts?

We sure do! You bought a Nissan, and you had your reasons for putting your trust in this brand. If a part needs to be replaced, you don’t want any old thing to be put into your Rogue, Altima, or whichever Nissan model won you over. At Nissan of Lee’s Summit, we use authentic Nissan parts that were specifically designed to be used in your vehicle, all the way down to the year and trim level. Like putting the right piece where it belongs in a jigsaw puzzle, putting the authentic original equipment manufacturer part where it belongs in your Nissan model makes sure your vehicle remains properly complete.

Maintenance and repair services provided by Nissan of Lee’s Summit

We appreciate your business, and we are glad you thought of us when getting your vehicle diagnosed. We are happy to tell you that we offer even more services than just engine diagnostics! You can come to us for routine maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotation, coolant flushes, and more. If you need repairs or replacements, such as new tires, new brakes, and other such items, we can take care of that for you as well. Whatever your vehicle needs, bring it here to Nissan of Lee’s Summit!
mechanic running diagnostics in car